Friday Faves: Perfect Bar

Finding the perfect protein bar can be quite the struggle. Do you compromise taste for low sugar or real ingredients to meet your macros? While there are thousands of protein bars on the market, only a select few of them make it to my pantry. I can be pretty picky when it comes to bars, so that’s why Perfect Bar holds a special place in my heart.

When searching for a quality protein bar, I look for real ingredients I can pronounce, affordability, and low sugar.

I discovered Perfect Bars this fall when I realized that they sold them at my local Trader Joe’s. I decided to give one of these refrigerated bars a try because I liked the simple ingredients and had seen some of my favorite influencers (yes, even I give into influencer marketing every once in a while!) talking about them on social media.

The first flavor that I tried was peanut butter chocolate chip and I was completely blown away. It tastes like straight up cookie dough, no joke. They definitely didn’t skimp on the chocolate chips either.

Since then, I’ve tried a variety of flavors like carob chip, blueberry cashew and dark chocolate almond. They’re also really good, but nothing will live up to the OG peanut butter chocolate chip.

I also love what this company stands for. They started with a dad who wanted to create real, nourishing snacks for his entire family. Since then, they strive to live out his belief that “food has to be real, quality should never be compromised and family is everything.” This mission shows through their marketing and creation of a truly high-quality product. You can almost taste the love they put into each bar.

While they can get a bit pricey depending on where you buy them, Trader Joe’s offers a limited variety for the cheapest I’ve seen at about a $1.50 per bar. Yeah, it’s still a lot of money, but I try to keep these around for special treats once a week or less. Or I try to grab a few when my parents take me to the grocery store. So if you’re reading this mom + dad, I’m sorry and I love you. But I also really love these bars.

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