Nature’s Bakery Instagram Giveaway

I’ve got some exciting news for you all. I’ve teamed up with Nature’s Bakery to give my blog + Instagram followers something special. Read on for the details.

Remember a few months ago when I reviewed my free SnackNation box, filled with (mostly) healthy, non-GMO, natural snacks? I loved Nature’s Bakery’s fig bars so much that I reached out to them and told them that. Then we devised an evil plan to get you all to love them as much as I do. Just kidding. Only about the “evil plan” part.

We’re giving away 5 free boxes of Nature’s Bakery flavors of your choice. All you have to do is follow @cjkoemps + @naturesbakery on Instagram, look for my post of the photo below, “like” the post, and tag two other people that would love to try Nature’s Bakery. It’s really that simple.


Just incase you’re not familiar with Nature’s Bakery, they use non-GMO, natural ingredients to make healthier sweet treats. Their fig bars are similar to Fig Newtons, but without the added junk. They’re individually packaged, which makes them perfect to toss in your backpack for class or a lunchbox snack.

They also have these amazing double chocolate brownies, which really aren’t that much better for you than an actual brownie, but you avoid the cost/cook time/cleanup involved with making a batch of brownies. Score.

If you want my recommendations of the best flavors, I would say the strawberry fig bar, apple cinnamon fig bar, and the raspberry double chocolate brownie. But the cool thing about the Instagram giveaway is that YOU get to choose the 5 flavors you want to try. So go “like” and follow right now! (A winner will be announced on 4/19)


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