I Tried My First SnackNation Box & These Are My Thoughts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have someone else go and pick out healthy snacks, put them together in a box, and ship it to your doorstep without even having to get up from your couch? Ah, the epitome of laziness. But also not exactly that lazy because you’re still eating healthy? Let me introduce to you SnackNation. They began their company curating healthy snack boxes for offices, wanting to reinvent office snacking and address problems with employee health. They put together boxes with a wide variety of snacks and ship them to offices across the nation. Oh, and for every box that they ship, SnackNation donates at least one meal to a family in need through a partnership with Feeding America. Pretty cool, huh?

Fast forward to 2016, three years after their founding, and SnackNation decided to expand their healthy snack box delivery service to homes as well. I decided to give SnackNation a shot, hoping they could help a poor college student trying to snack a little healthier. This post is not sponsored by SnackNation and all opinions are my own.

I opened up my SnackNation box to find a bunch of fun, single-serving snacks. In total, there were 15 items; some salty, some sweet. I had only heard of a few of the companies, but was excited to try the others. Here’s a pic of everything that was in the box.

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Pirate’s Booty

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.23.41 PM.png
Photo courtesy @piratesbooty on Instagram

My mom used to buy Pirate’s Booty when I was younger, so I was pretty excited to see it in my box. It’s always a good crunchy, salty snack on-the-go. Pirate’s Booty isn’t a super healthy snack (it’s mostly empty calories with little nutritional value), but it still is better than grabbing a bag of chips or pretzels.

Good Health Avocado Oil Kettle Chips

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.27.24 PM.png
Photo courtesy goodhealthsnacks.com

I was excited to see chips made with avocado oil instead of canola or vegetable oil. Avocado oil comes directly from an avocado and maintains many of the same health benefits of eating an actual avocado. However, I had to remember that these still are potato chips and probably aren’t the best to be snacking on every day.

Beanfields Jalapeño Nacho Chips


Think: Doritos meet fiber meet beans and rice. These chips are awesome, the perfect amount of spicy, and only have a few ingredients. They’re made out of beans and brown rice and are high in fiber. I want a whole big bag of these.



I mentioned Pipcorn in my post last week about dorm snacks, but if you didn’t catch it, I’m a big fan of them. The truffle flavor was unlike anything I’ve ever had before and they also have very minimal ingredients. Popcorn is a great snack to have on hand because it’s high in fiber and isn’t terrible for you.

Field Trip Maple BBQ Pork Jerky

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.34.14 PM.png
Photo courtesy @fieldtripjerky on Instagram

Jerky is one of my favorite high-protein snacks, and Field Trip certainly didn’t disappoint. Unlike other brands, Field Trip uses grass fed meat, no preservatives, no MSG, and no corn syrup. You can be assured that you’re getting high-quality jerky without a bunch of additives.

Turbana Plantain ChipsIMG_0497.JPG

Again, I mentioned these in my post about dorm snacks, but after I tried these I was hooked on plantain chips. They’re like the thinner, crunchier cousin of potato chips and are a much better snack when you need that crunch.

Pierre Biscuiterie French Pure Butter Cookies


Um, these are not healthy? At all? But they reminded me of the cookies you get on airplanes and were pretty good. Just not a healthy snack, more like a dessert.

Cheddar Cheese Blue Diamond Nut Thins

thumbnail 2.jpeg
Photo courtesy of store.bluediamond.com

I love Nut Thins, especially with cheese or hummus. But the cheddar cheese version of these were good enough to eat on their own. Plus, they’re made with almond and rice instead of wheat, which I try to avoid when I can.

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.46.41 PM.png
Photo courtesy @browniebrittle on Instagram

Again, not healthy. But I ate this for dessert one night and my taste buds were happy.

Enlightened Roasted Broad Beans

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.48.25 PM.png
Photo courtesy of @eatenlightened on Instagram

I was really disappointed in these. They were one of the items that I was most excited to try, but they were also one of the only things in the box that I just didn’t like at all. I thought they had a weird texture and tasted too healthy. I know that sounds crazy, but if I’m going to eat somethign that tastes healthy I’d just eat some fruit or veggies. Sorry not sorry.

Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel Puffed Corn


I was expecting caramel corn, but this puffed corn is similar to Pirate’s Booty. Again, it’s not that healthy and full of empty calories (+ sugar), but I suppose if you’re looking for a sweet, gluten-free snack, these are fine.

FitJoy Chocolate Iced Brownie Bar

Photo courtesy @fitjoynutrition on Instagram

For me, a good protein bar has to stand out from the crowd, and that seems fairly difficult to do. However, FitJoy seemed to stand out. I thought it the chocolate iced brownie flavor had great flavor and didn’t taste like a classic protein bar. However, each bar packs 5 grams of sugar per serving, which is much more than I’d like to consume in a protein bar.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.50.56 PM.png
Photo courtesy of @naturebakery on Instagram

These are so tasty. They taste like Fig Newtons, except without all the weird preservatives. After trying mine, I actually went online and considered buying a whole box of them. The downfall? Lots of sugar.

Daelmans Stroopwafel

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.52.28 PM.png
Photo courtesy of @santhiserad_food on Instagram

When I posted an Instagram of some of the items from my Snack Nation box, someone commented saying that the only thing less healthy than eating a stroopwafel is eating a spoonful of sugar. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Great dessert, not a great healthy snack.

KiZE Raw Energy Bar

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.53.42 PM.png
Photo courtesy of @kizeconcepts on Instagram

Again, it takes a lot for a protein bar to stand out to me, but the texture from this raw energy bar did it. The texture was unique and the peanut butter flavor was authentic. I like that they make their bars with only 4 ingredients and with no added sugar.

In all, my experience with SnackNation was a good one. Everything in the box was tasty (with one exception) and I got to try a variety of different brands I haven’t heard of before. However, I think they need to rethink their definition of “healthy”. While brownie brittle and stroopwafels are definitely delicious, they’re not exactly healthy. And when I got a healthy snack box, I expected snacks that were going to be better-for-you substitutes of things like chips and cookies.

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