15 Healthy Snacks Any College Student Can Keep In Their Dorm Room

I’m in the midst of my second year living in the dorms. Yes, not having a kitchen is slowly killing me. And yeah, sometimes it’s really hard to find healthy options when you’re swimming in a sea of pizza and Cheetos, watching the swimmers scarf them down like it’s no big deal. (And to them, it probably isn’t. Because, ya know, they’re burning like 2,000 calories per day.) But for those of us who are not college athletes, it’s good to keep some snacks on hand that are both healthy and tasty. Thus, I present to you, 12 of my favorite healthy snacks that can easily be kept in your dorm.

Apples + Peanut Butter

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Just to preface, Justin’s is simply a stop on my quest to find my favorite healthy peanut butter. I’m talking real ingredients, no added sugar, and as few additives as possible. I’m currently on Peanut Butter & Co‘s Smooth Operator flavor, which is my favorite so far. But peanut butter is a personal preference, so definitely eat your apples + PB snack however you’d like. Clocking in at 7 grams of protein per 2-TBSP serving, apples + PB is the perfect carb + protein + fat combo that will keep you full for a long time.

Hummus + Snap Peas (or other veggies)

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Hummus + snap peas are one of my favorite snacks because it fills me up without making me feel groggy. Hummus is a great source of fiber and a healthier alternative to ranch dip or other dressings. Obviously, you can choose to dip whatever you want in hummus, like crackers, carrots, or peppers, but I choose snap peas because you can eat a lot of them and still stay low in calories. (And who doesn’t like to eat more?!)

Laughing Cow Cheese + Multigrain Crackers

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I LOVE cheese and crackers. Honestly, one of the biggest things I miss from home is being able to grab slices of cheese out of the fridge and eat them with crackers. Laughing Cow cheese offers reasonable portions and keeps forever in a dorm fridge. I prefer Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers or Almond Nut Thins to avoid the white flour and other preservatives that come with regular crackers.

Plantain Chips

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Plantain chips have become my latest obsession. They taste like potato chips, have the same crunch, but they’re plantains. They’re a great alternative to eat with sandwiches (because let’s be real, I get Jimmy John’s ordered to my dorm way more than I should) or just to snack on when you’re in need of something crunchy.


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After my first bag of Pipcorn (pictured above), I was hooked. If you’re not familiar with Pipcorn, you should be. They make their mini popcorn in small batches, without GMOs, gluten, preservatives, and with whole grains. What’s not to love?

If you’re not feeling bougie enough to go out and buy fancy mini popcorn, regular air-popped popcorn makes a great snack too. Just make sure you’re not buying the store-bought kind that’s full of fake butter and weird chemicals. Pop your own kernels in a paper bag in your microwave.


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Why do people overlook fruit as a snack so often? It’s easily portable, doesn’t require any utensils, and is something you can easily snack on throughout the day. It’s also healthy sugar instead of fake sugar. I’m a big fan of fruit. That is all.

Greek Yogurt Banana Bites

Photo courtesy Spoon University

Even if your dorm doesn’t have a kitchen (I feel your pain), these Greek yogurt banana bites are easy to make. Simply dip banana slices in greek yogurt, place on a plate, and freeze. They’re a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth and if you use your imagination well enough they could even be a good replacement for ice cream.

I take that back. Nothing replaces ice cream. Get the recipe here.

Protein Balls

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Incase you missed this recipe from a few weeks ago, these protein balls are made with oats, peanut butter, and chocolate chunks. They can easily be stored in a freezer and grabbed whenever you need a quick high-protein snack.


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Like the fruit, veggies are often overlooked. You can easily get a bag of baby carrots, snap peas, sweet peppers, or celery at the store for fairly cheap. Veggies are a great portable snack option and most offer crunch when you’re craving it.

Unflavored Greek Yogurt

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The key to this one is the word “unflavored”. Most flavored kinds of Greek yogurt are full of added sugar. I prefer to add fresh fruit (like bananas) to avoid that. If you’re feeling fancy, a sprinkle of chia seeds adds texture and fiber. This is another good carb + protein + fat combo that will keep you full for a long time.

Guac + Whole Grain Chips

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetMy guac recipe is super easy to make in a dorm room, as long as you have a knife and a cutting board (but honestly, I don’t even have that. A plate works just fine.) Guacamole is a great source of healthy fat and whole grain chips (seriously, please don’t get regular corn chips) add crunch.

Avocado Toast

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I’m unsure of why there isn’t an avocado toast fan club, because I would definitely be president. Whole grain bread + mashed avocado + hot sauce if you’re feeling spicy is a fabulous combo. This also makes a great quick breakfast if you don’t have time to hit the dining hall before class. Tip: if you don’t think you’ll eat a whole loaf of bread before it gets old, freeze it and thaw slices as you need them.

Cottage Cheese

Photo courtesy of Spoon University

Cottage cheese is, like, the king of protein. It keeps for a relatively long time in the fridge and can be eaten so many different ways. I prefer to eat it plain with salt + pepper, but I’ve seen people eat it with fruit, veggies, or even hot sauce.

Hard Boiled Eggs

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These require a little bit more effort, but if you have access to a kitchen and a pot of water, hard boiled eggs can be prepped ahead of time to make an excellent high-protein snack. Plus, eggs are relatively cheap, which is awesome for all of us broke college students.

Trail Mix


Similar to Greek yogurt, trail mix can get tricky. Many brands are full of sugar. Try to find ones that are either mostly mixed nuts or low in sugar. Speaking of which, mixed nuts also make a great snack on-the-go.

Well there ya go. I literally went through my fridge + snack drawer to find inspiration for this post. Every one of these options is super easy to keep on hand (most keep for a really long time, too) and are easy swaps for unhealthy snacks like potato chips.

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