The Only Guacamole Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Guacamole: the Mexican staple that practically everyone loves. Need something quick and easy to bring to a Super Bowl party this weekend? Chips and guac. Want to give your tacos a little more healthy fats and flavor? Guacamole’s got you covered. But guacamole is an art that is rarely perfected at home. Sure, you could pay an extra $1.90 at Chipotle for some awesome stuff, but you could also easily make a big batch at home for a little more money.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have been crowned the “guac queen” by my family. Nobody else is trusted to make it when we need it. I’ve had several friends ask me for the recipe, too, so I decided I would post it here. There’s no pre-made mix required, just a few simple, healthy ingredients. It’s very easily doubled or tripled, and the proportions of ingredients can be tailored to fit your taste. 

Carly’s Guacamole

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6 avocados, pitted

1/2 white onion, diced

5 jalapeño peppers, seeded & chopped*

1/2 Roma tomato, diced

Juice of 2 limes

Salt & pepper

*Seeded jalapeños are significantly less spicy than with the seeds, so don’t be afraid to use them.


1. Mash avocados in a medium bowl.

2. Add diced onion, jalapeños, and tomato. Mix.

3. Add lime juice. Mix.

4. Season with salt & pepper as needed.

See? It’s really super easy. It’s up to you to decide how smooth you want your avocado mash to be. Some people like it smooth, others like it chunky, so go with whatever floats your boat.

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