Let’s Get Creative

In elementary school, creativity was encouraged. We all attended art classes where we cut, pasted, colored, and painted until our hearts were content. Then, somewhere along the lines, we stopped doing that. We started to focus on other things. We spent our days in high school focused on other, supposedly more important things. Our education became more about getting the right grades and moving onto the next step than brainstorming, creating, and executing.

Where did we lose our desire to create? When did we stop designating time for creativity? We certainly have time for it today. We spend hours on our phones, watching videos, playing games, and communicating with others. Our average work day is 8 hours, sparing time before and after for activities of our choice. But we no longer choose to be creative. Maybe someone told us that we weren’t good at it. Maybe your middle school art teacher told you that you had no artistic talent whatsoever (true story). Whatever the reason, somewhere along the lines we quit. We quit something so incredibly important to humanity.

If nobody took time to be creative, we wouldn’t have anything we have in this world. No entertainment, no cars, no buildings. We would live in a world full of unoriginal ideas. No change would ever occur, and nothing would get done. We desperately need individuals that will take time out of their day to brainstorm and test out new ideas. In order to advance as a society, we need everyone to step up and do their part.

Fortunately, there are some who choose careers based on their desire for creativity. We have filmmakers, photographers, and artists of all kinds. There are architects, chefs, and entrepreneurs who bring their ideas to life. Even if you don’t have a career in which you feel you can express your creativity, you have time to do something little on your own. If only for yourself, taking 30 minutes to be creative is something that nourishes your mind and keeps you sane. Literally. There have been studies.

Creativity comes in all different kinds of forms. For me, it’s writing. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. For my friends’ birthdays, I used to write them little stories and give them as gifts. In fourth grade, I wrote forty-two pages of a story that I hoped would someday turn into a novel. But not everyone is good at writing, nor do they love it. Some people love to cook, while others are fantastic at drawing. Others like to dance, while some find joy in putting together an outfit for the next day. Whatever your creative outlet may be, just go for it.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have decided to keep a journal. Unfortunately, this one isn’t fuzzy, purple, and doesn’t have a lock like my one from elementary school, but it’ll do. Before bed, I take at least 30 minutes to write down either my thoughts from the day or something that has been on my mind. Eventually, those may turn into blog posts. But no matter what happens with that journal, I am taking time out of my day to nourish my mind and partake in something important to humanity. Not only do my contributions make a difference, but it’s good for my soul. I feel refreshed and useful. Even though those thoughts may never leave the page, I did something good for myself.

It’s so easy to feel like we’re stuck in the rut of every day life. We live in a fast-paced society that sometimes seems to be more focused on the results than the actual process. However, we can all do something little to feel as though we have a purpose in this world. You never know where your ideas may take you.

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