Things to do Instead of Drinking on a Saturday Night

Recently, I had a remarkable realization about myself. I don’t really enjoy drinking. What?! A college student that doesn’t want to get hammered every weekend?! Yeah, that’s me. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good (illegal) (alcoholic) drink once in a while with my friends, but binge drinking isn’t something I want to do every single weekend. First of all, don’t even pretend like you like the taste of it. Hard liquor, beer, wine, you name it, it’s gross. Also, I don’t know about you all, but I’m on quite the budget these days. I can’t afford to pay for more than the nasty sh*t that comes in plastic handles. (That could potentially be why I think it tastes gross.) Second, I’m the biggest control freak you will ever meet, so when I’m out of control, I feel more anxious than anything. Sure, people use alcohol to “loosen up” and have a good time, but I usually just feel more uptight. I also have a very weak stomach which I learned very quickly in the first few months of college. Spending the end of my night sitting by the toilet or with the trash can next to my bed is not my idea of fun. Need I go on?

It took me a while to figure this out. I mean, I definitely knew how I felt when I went out and got drunk, but I thought that I just needed to push forward and just keep doing it because it’s college and that’s what I’m supposed to do. I didn’t understand that going home at midnight because I was no longer having fun and would rather sleep meant that maybe I should reevaluate my choices. But I did, and here I am now with a list of ways to have fun without drinking on a Saturday night:

  1. Read a book. I highly recommend The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan. I’m only halfway through but this may be one of the best books of short stories I have ever read.
  2. Hang out with whoever’s staying in. Because you’re bound to have at least one friend that is taking a break for the night.
  3. Get homework done. Okay, I know this one isn’t ideal, but it’s super nice to have your Sunday evening completely stress-free to do whatever you want. Plus the library will be so dead on a weekend night.
  4. Watch that movie you’ve always wanted to see. Whether it’s on Netflix or you can watch it on some shady website, just do it. You never regret watching a movie.
  5. Call your mom. Or grandma. Or literally anyone you haven’t talked to in a while. Just keep in mind that although 10 pm may not be late to you, it’s probably way past their bedtime.
  6. Catch up on sleep??? I add the question marks because it seems super obvious but we never seem to do it. I am EXHAUSTED during the week, so it’s nice to take a night to just go to bed laughably early.
  7. Go get food. At bar close, preferably. All your favorite junk food places will still be open, but they’ll be filled with crazy, stupid, drunk people. Great people watching. Highly recommend.
  8. Clean out your closet/desk drawers/under your bed. You’ve wanted the time to do this for so long and now you have it.
  9. Online shop but don’t actually spend any money. This is one of my favorites. I have a tendency to browse an online store, put a ton of stuff in my cart, laugh at the total, and then close out of the tab.
  10. Go to that poetry slam you saw a poster for. Or any other cool, fun event on campus. Even if you’re disappointed, at least you took a step outside of your comfort zone and did something other than sit around all night.
  11. Work out. Same thing as with the library, the gym is most likely going to be empty on a weekend night. It’s awesome, actually.
  12. Make a playlist of all the songs that remind you of middle school. I did this last night and it was hilarious and brought back so many memories. I could almost feel the school lunch stuck in my braces again.

So there ya have it! My very own list of things to do instead of drinking. It’s really hard to admit that you don’t like something that thousands of other people your age do, but once you are real with yourself and realize that there are a million other things you’d rather do with your time, you’ll be much happier.

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3 thoughts on “Things to do Instead of Drinking on a Saturday Night

  1. This is great! You write so well and so honestly. I really enjoy when I get a notification that you’ve shared something on your BLOG. You go girl! Love ya’ … -zobz-


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