People to Idolize Other Than the Kardashians

We can’t go one day without hearing about Kardashian this or Kardashian that. The Kardashians hanging out with so and so or promoting so and so brand or posting a picture on Instagram that you know damn well took at least an hour to edit. But amidst all this craziness (or is it kraziness? Have they capitalized on that yet?) there are celebrities out there that are actually doing things that contribute more to society than a line of lipsticks. So here I present to you my very own list of people I think are so much cooler than the Kardashians:


Sheryl Sandberg

Ok, I had to use her as my first one because she is #careergoals. Or everything goals. If I had the opportunity to have lunch with any celebrity, good ol’ Sheryl would be my pick. She’s extremely smart (graduated from Harvard as the top student in the Economics department), kicks ass at her job as COO of Facebook (she basically figured out how to maximize their profit when nobody else did), and speaks out for women’s rights. She’s written a book, mourned the unexpected death of her husband gracefully, and given many great speeches. All while raising 2 children. How’s that for cool?


Malala Yousafzai

This girl is younger than the entire Kardashian clan and has already made a bigger impact than most people ever will. In middle school, she blogged under a pseudonym, chronicling her life as a young girl under Taliban rule. In 2012, she was shot three times while attempting to board a school bus (at the time, girls were banned from attending school). Since then, she has written a book, won the Nobel Peace Prize (among other awards), and spoken at the United Nations headquarters. These days, she spends her time advocating for the right to education, especially female education. You go, Malala.

Pope Francis

It doesn’t matter what religion you identify with, Pope Francis stands for something you agree with. He is known for his concern for the poor and emphasis on God’s mercy. As a Catholic, that’s exactly what I want in a church leader. We have someone who is standing up for all the things we are taught from the beginning: treat everyone with kindness, God is forgiving, the church is welcoming, etc. He also chooses to live in the guest house instead of the home that the Pope traditionally lives in. He’s spent nights with the homeless and strongly opposes modern consumerism. Basically everything the Kardashian’s don’t do. How’s that for being a totally rad human being?


Narendra Modi

I don’t know a whole lot about this guy, but I was given his name as a suggestion for this list. After further research, I have decided that he is a super cool human being and deserves a spot on this list. Modi is the current Prime Minister of India. As a child, his family was very poor; he spent his days helping his father sell tea in the streets. After hard work and a whole lot of persistence, he got involved in politics. Now, he is working to reform India’s economic structure, reduce bureaucracy, and overall improve the quality of life in his country. Why isn’t this a household name?


Amy Schumer

I had to add her to the list because she’s an actual entertainer. No, she didn’t make a sex tape. She’s a comedian. And she’s damn funny too. She addresses serious (and not-so-serious) issues in a lighthearted way. She’s honest and speaks to the inner b*tch in all of us. Oh and she’s naturally beautiful, no waist trainers or weird diets here. After watching even one skit on her show, you can tell that this chick is brilliant and proves her ongoing argument that girls are funny, too.


Kate Middleton

I don’t really have much to say for this one except for the fact that she is the queen of class. Her poise seems to come effortlessly as she is in the public eye almost 24/7. Her knee-length tea dresses look absolutely stunning on her (notice that she doesn’t have to be scantily clad to still be gorgeous). She’s also a REAL LIFE PRINCESS, and let’s not act like we don’t want to hold that title too.


Misty Copeland

Another new discovery on my part, Misty Copeland’s story is one worth telling. A ballerina who started her career at the age of 13 (apparently that’s really old in the dance world), Copeland has gone on to be the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer for American Ballet Theater. She has been named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. She has performed on Broadway and written a book chronicling her journey to becoming a successful dancer. Copeland’s story is one of perseverance, hard work, and passion.


Noah Galloway

Whether or not you believe Caitlyn Jenner (coincidentally a member of the Kardashian clan) deserved the Arthur Ashe Courage Award or not, I think it’s important to also recognize her fellow nominee for the award. Noah Galloway is a former US Army soldier who was injured in the Iraq war. He lost his left arm and left leg. After leaving the Army, he didn’t let his injuries stop him. He became a personal trainer and competed in numerous fitness competitions. He also is a motivational speaker. He is the perfect example of someone who doesn’t let their injuries or limitations define them and defies all odds.


Daniel Norris

I heard about Norris last year when my dad showed me an article entitled “Top Blue Jays Prospect Lives by His Own Code”. Immediately I was intrigued. This guy chooses to live in a beat up van in a Walmart parking lot, despite the fact that he can throw a 92 mph fastball, has a deal with Nike, and a $2 million signing bonus with the Toronto Blue Jays. He has a sign hanging in his van reading “nonconformist”, and that is exactly what he is. He marches to the beat of his own drum. He doesn’t seem to care what others think or how crazy he must look. He doesn’t advertise his life for the world to see. I think we all sometimes need a reminder of what it means to be humble like this, and trust me, the Kardashians are doing exactly the opposite.

Let’s all make a deal. How about we stop feeding into the Kardashian’s bullshit that makes them thousands of dollars each day and focus on people who are doing real things to contribute to society. Let’s focus on the dreamers, the entrepreneurs, the traiblazers. The people we want to be more like. The Kardashians have nothing more to offer than plastic surgery and big butts, so why do we spend so much time ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their immense wealth and so little time learning about the people who make this world a better place?

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