A Thank You to my Adventurous Father


To my adventurous father,

When I texted you the other day asking if you wanted to go to Montana or Colorado over the summer, I should have known that you would respond “always”. When I ask you to go with me to try something new, I shouldn’t even wonder what you’ll say in response. The answer will always be yes. Thank you for not only joining me on my adventures but passing on your own adventurous spirit. I am confident that it will take me places that I wouldn’t have dared to go otherwise.

The need for adventure may be a biological trait that’s embedded in our DNA, but it also comes from watching others and wanting to be like them. For all of my life, I have watched you go on countless adventures. I eagerly awaited your return from climbing the Grand Teton to learn about how one actually climbs a mountain. I sat there patiently as you showed me the beautiful country that is India through your photographs. I followed your tracks in the snow when you took us on nature walks when we were little. (Now that I’m older, though, I realize that this was probably just a ploy to get us out of the house and let Mom have some time to herself). Adventures don’t just have to involve going somewhere though. I was also there when you took professional risks at work. I observe admiringly as you navigate this strange, scary world. Thank you so much for teaching me to dive in headfirst instead of being afraid of drowning.

Because of this adventurous spirit you have passed on to me, I am eager to experience unfamiliar things and take big risks. If it wasn’t for this, there’s no way I would be telling people at age 18 that someday I want to be the CEO of my own company. I wouldn’t have the desire to climb a mountain or experience Spanish culture while spending a semester abroad. I would be stuck in a bubble, only experiencing the familiar and never having an opportunity for great success.

I want to see the world, Dad. I want to do risky things with my only reason being that my heart is telling me to. And I will. I will do all those things I want to do and have some amazing experiences along the way. But if it wasn’t for you, a little bit of your DNA, and the way you taught me to be, I would never have those goals in mind. I can’t wait until I accomplish them and you’re standing there with me at the summit.

Thank you, Dad. For showing me that adventure is out there. For encouraging me to pursue my dreams. For helping me climb those hardest mountains. And finally, for being such a great example of what it means to truly be adventurous.

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