An Open Letter to the “Geniuses” of High School

542943_445884105422338_1072471538_nDear “geniuses”,

I’ve had it with you. I’m tired of hearing useless facts and your interpretations of every single novel we’ve read in high school. I’m tired of seeing you outside of school and wondering when you’re going to learn that nobody actually cares what your GPA is or what you got on the ACT (4.0 and 36, if you were wondering). And most of all, I’m tired of feeling belittled by you because of what a sheet of paper says about our intelligence.

If I sat you down next to a kid from any “path” in high school, be it the stoners, the theater kids, or even the pretty girls that pretend to be dumb, I guarantee they could hold a conversation better than you. They’re more concerned with listening to what you have to say and getting to know who you are as a person than the random facts and figures you’ll regurgitate next. Stop hiding behind those things. There’s so much more to you. Let it shine. Sure, you might be wicked smart and that’s awesome but nobody actually cares. We want to get to know you, not your test scores.

Quit bragging. We already see your name on the top honor roll, your face in the school newspaper for your achievements, and yes, I know you got accepted to my dream school. But guess what? You’re not the only one. I, too, am on the top honor roll. I have been in the school newspaper. I walked at graduation wearing the exact same gold tassel as you. But at least I have some humility. (That’s so hypocritical of me to say after just sharing my own achievements, but I did it for the literary effect. Sorry, won’t happen again.) I go out with friends and talk about things other than school. Yes, they do exist!

One thing I’ve learned in high school is the variety of people is what usually makes a class interesting. You get to hear all kinds of perspectives that way. But for some reason, whenever I’m in a class with you I feel like you never seem to care what I have to say. I feel like my words have less value in your mind because I’m not a part of your little genius squad. Guess what? I have some things that could really add to the discussion! And so does the girl next to me! And the guy sitting in the very back row! You don’t have to have crazy test scores and one hell of a GPA to say something cool and interesting.

I really don’t want to offend anyone by this. There are tons of smart kids in high school that don’t fit this mold. There are kids that compete on academic teams and that set the curves for exams. But the thing that makes these kids different than you is that they talk about other things. They don’t care if people think they’re smart, they just are. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your intelligence like these kids do, but once you start shoving it down my throat, things get annoying. So please, get a hobby. Do something other than tell everyone how smart you are, because the only one that enjoys it is you.


Your fed-up classmate

PS– You don’t have to be book smart to be a genius. There are musical geniuses, artistic geniuses, architectural geniuses, etc. So I promise you’re not the only genius in our class.

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