Respect & Police Brutality

543dcd1a1e4ae.imageFirst of all, I know this post is going to be controversial. I know that people are going to disagree with me. Every word in this post is my opinion and you are welcome to disagree, but you are not welcome to be disrespectful about it.

I’m tired of hearing all this bullshit about police brutality. I’m tired of seeing stories about people being completely disrespectful to police officers and people in authority and expecting to be treated with respect anyways. The fact of the matter is: you get what you give. Police officers are taught to put up a fight if you do. They are trained in the proper procedures for dealing with different situations. They know what they’re doing. Just like a teacher goes to school to teach, police officers go to school to learn how to keep us safe. If someone is a threat to them or the public they will do their job to ensure safety. So get off your Twitter, Facebook, etc. and stop criticizing the way that they do their job just because the media is telling you to. You don’t know the other half of the story.

On that note, I might as well address the media. We get our news from privately-owned companies that are more concerned with profit than the truth. So they are going to report the stories that will create buzz and have people tuning into them. They won’t publish the “good” side of the story because that wouldn’t create any controversy. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but before you attack police officers and how they do their job, think about where your news is coming from. Have you heard the law enforcement’s side of the story? Have you considered the facts leading up to the event? Be mindful of the things you are being told because they are only part of the truth.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky with the police officers in the Twin Cities. I have been taught to be respectful to people in authority, so I do. Even if I am doing something wrong (Mom and Dad if you’re reading this, I NEVER do anything wrong), I’ve found that by being calm and respectful they will deal with me in a positive manner. I’ve gotten pulled over and things have never gotten physical. I’ve been out past curfew and I’ve never been shot at. I am confident that it’s not just because I’m white. Actually, I am confident that race doesn’t have anything to do with this issue. I feel that it is solely an issue of respect. I am not trying to say that racism isn’t an issue or that racial profiling is nonexistent, but I believe that when it comes to police brutality and the way they react to situations, race isn’t part of the problem. We know all too well that racism is still alive and well in our country. I get that there are some racist police officers. I get that some police officers are bad at their job. However, there are people in every profession that are bad at their job. There are plenty of people that abuse their power (think: teachers that sleep with their students, businessmen who launder money) but that doesn’t make it okay to make a generalization about the profession as a whole.

So before you criticize the way that law enforcement agencies in our country do their jobs, take a step back. Realize that you don’t know half of the story and that it could really be a game changer. Educate yourself on the policies and crime statistics. And finally, be respectful. It’s really not that hard to take responsibility for your own actions and realize when you’ve done something wrong. And if you haven’t? Calmly explain your side of the story. Because not everything you see is the truth.

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